How to add a new Building Module. Edit

Once you have imported the project settings and MBS packages into your project you can then access the Module Manager via Window > MBS Manager.


Modular Manager

  • Add a new Building Module.
  • Set a unique name.
  • Set Building Module Type.
  • Set layer to BuildingStructure (If using RTS mode set this to terrain aswell).
  • Set the meshes and material.
  • Box Collider Scale can be left as is in most cases.
  • Set Raycast Type, use Camera Cast for FPS and Mouse Cast for RTS.
  • Raycast Distance can be left alone in most cases.
  • Set Mouse Rotation as required.
  • Set grid size.
  • Match the Module Size of the World Mesh dimensions on all axis.
  • Set Y offset to 1 if it's a foundation module, you shouldn't need to use this on other Module Types.
  • Press Update Prefabs.
  • Find your prefab at Assets\Resources\ModularBuildingSystem\Prefabs\BuildingModules.

Prefab Folder Path

How to test out your newly added module using the HUD system Edit

In the scene Hierarchy, click the ItemDatabase to view it in the inspector. Add a new item, set it's name, icon and various other settings (See Image Below). Then drag the Building Module Item Prefab into the inspector. Tick Spawn At Start to spawn it into ur inventory upon game start.

It's important to note that if you update the prefabs via the Module Manager that you will have to redrag the updated prefab back into the item database inspector as the connection will be broken.


MBS Item Database

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